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Rosee3.0, Spanish Musical Band, focuses on electronic and pop music, are Jon and Vicen, both born in Murcia. From a very young age, they have a passion for synthesizers and grow up listening to Jean Michel Jarre, Kraftwerk, OMD, Depeche Mode or Alphaville. Not forgetting other great bands or musicians like Pink Floyd, Genesis or Mike Olfield.

With these musical influences, in their teens, they set up a synthpop band, Rosee (without 3.0). At that time, synthesizers, drum machines, and multitracks were the instruments of his first songs. Later, a third member, Mariló, a soft female voice and also a guitarist, joins the band. After 2 summers of live performances in pubs and discos in the southeast of Spain, finally, after finishing their studies and entering the labor market, they left the project.

Today, in full maturity and due to confinement by the Covid, Vicente and Jon return to unite their melodies and their taste for electronic music. So much free time, without being able to leave home, pays off and, in just a few months, they already have more than a dozen songs released and some more that are on the way. In this way, Rosee returns now, in its new stage, as Rosee 3.0.


Jon B

  • Keyboards, Drum Machines, Guitars, Voices and Sonic Screwdriver
  • AGE: Younger than the other
  • PETS: Once had a marmoset monkey

Vicen Lopez

  • Synths, Programming, Voices and Analogical Claps 👏
  • AGE: already over his mid 30s
  • PETS: Prefers electronic stuff

We Write.
We Make Songs.

Rosee 3.0
Synthpop band

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